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The basic principle of us work for our people and our company and this way from past as today we are working without compromising our commercial and and moral values and with professional staff fort he answer all exceptions our customers,that aware always we are in the same boat together.


The world's leading companies in every field of activity, technological innovations, constantly evolving, never compromise quality food products in order to meet customers' expectations, providing our customers and their satisfaction by adding value to their employees, the community and the country, useful, being a global company.


In line with our vision, we produce reliable products, which can meet the customer expectations, easy to use by using developing technology. We are moving as depending on the quality and “zero problem” concept from raw material to production, every stage from production to post-sales. Within our company, all staff from management to production, and administrative staff shall be trained on a regular basis. Carried out feasibility studies about problems encountered after sale, marketing and production, and solutions are produced by identified problems previously.


Our company was established in 2002,leading in changing and developing the metal fittings industry.In a short time with the technological and innovative steps has proven the quality and diversity in the international arena.

The company, which has ISO certification and implement quality management in world standards, continues to growth with its 3.000 square meters covered area in İstanbul. The company today has a big production capacity with 3.000.000 unit of production per month. Our main products are all kinds of fittings, such as Valve Female Insert, Female Transition Adapter, Female Insert, Female Insert Hexagonal, Male Insert, Male Insert Hexagonal, Male Transition Adapters, Male/Female Transition Unions Two Sided Welded, and Brass Water Meter Parts, Stop Valve, Hidden Valve, Luxury Valve  for a size range from 20 mm to 75 mm. Raw materials that we use are in accordance with MS58 standards, and the companies which provide the supply of raw materials are market-leading companies thanks to with their proven quality in the sector.

  • Being the pioneer of innovations in the sector.
  • Being the first practitioner and follower of the technological developments.
  • To give importance and priority to R&D and P&D efforts.
  • Adopt contributing to the national capital.
  • To give importance to the diversity of product.
  • Not to compromise on quality.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction unconditionally.
  • To help providing the balance of imports and exports through reflecting the effects of the internal market to the external market.
  • To contribute increasing employment with new investments.


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